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Jan 18

Peppa Pig 2 – Fun And Games Wii PAL

Peppa Pig 2: Fun & Games features a variety of entertaining mini-games including

Daddy Pig’s Bubbles (Multiplayer)
George’s Rocket
Cleaning Bicycles (Multiplayer)
Picking Apples (Multiplayer)
Watering Flowers (Multiplayer)
Duck Pond
Making Pictures
Decorating Cupcakes
Birthday Cake
Bursting Balloons (Multiplayer)
Dressing Up Game

I’m Peppa Pig! Snort! Now you can learn to play games with me on Wii! We’re going to have so much fun playing my entertaining piggy games and activities. You can feed the ducks, dress up and even fly a rocket to the moon….which one will be your favourite?

Perfect for pre-school children, Peppa Pig 2: Fun & Games offers the opportunity for the whole family to play along as 5 of the activities can be played in multi-player mode. The easy-to-play games will also help young children develop counting, number and colour recognition skills and are sure to delight all Peppa Pig fans.

In WBFS format so can be added straight to a HDD or memory stick .
Install to HDD with WiiBackupManager or convert to ISO to burn to disc using the same program .

Region : PAL
Format : WBFS

Peppa Pig 2 – Fun And Games Wii PAL WBFS-BUND
English | Platform: Wii | Release: 2011 | Publisher: Ubisoft | Developer: Ubisoft | 1.30 GB
Genre: Action / Adventure





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