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Oct 19

Mural (2011) DVDSCR w/ English Subs

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Adapted from a Liao Zhai story by the same title, ‘Mural’ tells of three men who chance upon an enchanted world through a mural, and believe it to be paradise until the darker and uglier side of that world begins to emerge.This is an enchanted world that seems to promise satisfaction for every man’s desire on the surface, but brewing beneath it is the Queen’s vindictiveness and deep hatred for men.


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written by ChinoXL

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  1. 1. bogart Says:

    Looks great…thanks maseone…always dig your movie posts.

  2. 2. Angel99 Says:

    thanks Mate

  3. 3. mimicostation Says:

    Hi Max,

    Love the site Cannot extract part 3 from either Filesonic or Wupload. Winrar giving error message on both.


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