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May 12

Kama Sutra Essentials for Lasting Intimacy DVDRip Tutorial

Kama Sutra, the five thousand year old ancient love manual from India was written and consolidated by Vatsayana. Kama Sutra has been for the longest time, glamorized for its erotic sexual positions.

essentials for lasting intimacy

This video attempts to capture the subtle important components of Kama Sutra, like sexual preliminaries, which are essential in the build-up to sexual pleasures. The different sexual positions in Kama Sutra are invented for a purpose, based on size and caliber of men and women. For the first time, these differences are presented clearly for men and women to identify their anatomical characteristics as written in Kama Sutra, and presented in an artistic and educational manner.

Knowing this information will greatly improve your sexual satisfaction, as now you know what positions are suitable for you and your partner. This video makes a great collection for all couples, and a fantastic gift idea for anyone you know for all occasions.


written by maxdugan

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