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Oct 23

The Lost Home aka Ladda Land (2011) DVDRip AC3 5.1 – English Dubbed

TRAILER ALONE WILL SEND CHILLS TO YOUR SPINE! In the past movie house Gmm has brought us some of the scariest flicks that Thailand had to offer – including; ‘Shutter,’ ‘Alone,’ ‘Dorm’ and the ‘Phobia’ series – and it looks like they’re back on top form, with a news that director Sopon Sakdapisit (‘Coming Soon’) has returned with a new movie titled ‘Ladda Land” – Scarier and more original than any horror movie you’ve ever seen!

laddan land

Thi has decided to buy a new house for his wife, Pan, and their two children in a housing estate called “Ladda Land”. Everything seems pleasant until one day a servant girl dies violently and her body is discarded in a house in the neighborhood. The residents starts to encounter the dead who are haunting the estate and soon people starts to move out. When Pan and the children starts to hear voices in their house, she plead her husband to move out. Thi has to decides to continue living in the house of his dreams or abandon it for the sake of his family.


written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. MerlinM Says:

    Sir Max,

    Please can you share ‘Alone,’ ‘Dorm’ and ‘Phobia and Phobia2. Thanks !!!

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