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Jun 11

Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade 720p BluRay x264

The Best Anime of the new millennium so far… This movie is astounding. The opening riot scene is so realistic it’s scary. The story, the artwork, the visuals, the soundtrack, all excellent. No big eyes or green hair. This is the real deal.

jin roh

Ten years after the end of World War II; anti-terror policeman Fuse gets suspended from service after the suicide by self-detonation of a young terrorist girl during an operation, as he failed to shoot her in time. When he tries to gather some information about her, he meets her sister and befriends with her. Both get dragged into the rivalries between the administration of the police and the counter terrorism commando unit ‘Jin Roh’ (human wolves).


AUDIO 1: English AAC 5.1
AUDIO 2: Japanese AC3 5.1

written by maxdugan

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