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Jul 28

Fit And Fun (2011) PAL Wii

Fit& Fun is a modern fitness and vitality coach for the Nintendo Wiiconsole, which takes the basic concept from the successfull Nintendoproduct, Wii Fit, and transfers it to a more adult-orientated setting.

Thegame has been developed in conjunction with fitness experts, and willbe a serious, yet fun, guide to improving health and fitness.

InFit & Fun, the player can create their own workout schedule byselecting different exercises from the areas, muscle training, bodyshaping, fun and recreation.

There are over 50 differentexercises and 6 mini-games available, each with up to 15 levels.Innovative games such as hang gliding and badminton guarantee greatgaming fun between exercises

Fit And Fun (2011) PAL Wii-WiiERD
English | Platform: Wii | Release: 19/07/11 | Publisher: Nintendo | Developer: Funbox | 4.3 GB
Genre: Fitness







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