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Jul 01

The Defending Skills of Acupoint Pointing & Catching 1-3

The first video explains the basic strokes of points and clicks on the point, demonstrates several points discussed preparation of hands, are summarized in intensive care this man who became the object of acupressure. The second disc is devoted to the application of acupressure techniques against various grabs, suffocation and deductions. Showing the impact point by pressure, “hidden” inside the fairly common techniques of liberation from occupation and make them more effective. Explains the principles of impact at a point on the neck. The third disc is devoted to the use of acupressure techniques against various attacks, as well as locks on the wrist and grippers.

Shown in these video technology is not tied to any particular style and can be used by the followers of almost any system of unarmed combat.
Master Xie Zhi Kai character is very flamboyant, pour sayings Kungfu, is pleased, in general, the mood lifts. Made to honor any film about kung fu. It is very knowledgeable, displays correctly. The only pity the student – a master at it more than once conducts a live demonstration of acupressure.






written by kvashna

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