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Jun 05

Kelby Training Adobe Photoshop Starting From Scratch Video Tutorial with Exercise Files

This course is the first of its kind with its main concentration on blend modes in Photoshop. If you are serious about mastering all that Photoshop has to offer, you will find that being familiar with blend modes is as important as mastering layers.

kelby traning photoshop starting from scratch

In this course we will explore the function of blend modes in a variety of scenarios such as image restoration, sharpening, adjustments, special effects, and so much more. Along the way you are encouraged to experiment with these blends modes in different ways than shown. With every project scenario being different, it is good to be familiar with the numerous possibilities.

5 stars


Lesson 01 Introduction (1:02)
Lesson 02 What Are Blend Modes? (8:01)
Lesson 03 6 Most Commonly Used Blend Modes (5:21)
Lesson 04 Exposure Tricks (5:51)
Lesson 05 Compositing Tricks (6:51)
Lesson 06 Background/Border Effects (10:10)
Lesson 07 Layer Style Effects (7:52)
Lesson 08 Blending Textures (6:32)
Lesson 09 Sharpening Images (4:20)
Lesson 10 Filter Effects with Blend Modes (5:39)
Lesson 11 Restoring Images (5:03)
Lesson 12 Adjustment Layers (5:28)
Lesson 13 Specialty Blend Modes (7:56)
Lesson 14 Brushes & Blend Modes (8:19)
Lesson 15 Color and Black and White Effects (6:03)
Lesson 16 Retouching (3:23)
Lesson 17 Masking Techniques (11:27)
Lesson 18 Image Effects with Blend Modes (4:12)
Lesson 19 Design Effects with Blend Modes (6:44)
Lesson 20 Conclusion (1:08)

written by maxdugan

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