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May 20

BigFish Games Pack

In this assembly is Big Fish Games have entered all games released in April 2011. \”Big Fish\” is always a sea of ​​simple and interesting, not requiring special skills, but nevertheless, spanning games, which always plunge you into the sea of ​​pleasure. You do not need to look for your favorite games across the internet, here they are collected in one volume.

List of games:
01.04.2011_Empress of the Deep 2 Song of the Blue Whale Collector’s Edition
01.04.2011_Shamanville Earth Heart
02.04.2011_The Fool
03.04.2011_The Treasures of Mystery Island Ghost Ship
04.04.2011_Super Granny 6
05.04.2011_Art of Murder Deadly Secrets
05.04.2011_Wild West Story – The Beginning
06.04.2011_Puzzling Paws
06.04.2011_Robin ‘s Island Adventure
07.04.2011_Amazing Adventures – The Forgotten Dynasty
08.04.2011_Gravely Silent – House of Deadlock Collector’s Edition
08.04.2011_Raxx – The Painted Dog
09.04.2011_Margrave – The Curse of the Severed Heart CE
10.04.2011_Hallowed Legends – Samhain CE
11.04.2011_DreamWoods 2
11.04.2011_Epic Escapes – Dark Seas
12.04.2011_Mystery Novel
12.04.2011_Pixie Pond
13.04.2011_Brain Training for Dummies
13.04.2011_Dive – The Medes Islands Secret
14.04.2011_Art of Murder – The Secret Files
14.04.2011_Chronicles of Mystery – The Legend of the Sacred Treasure
15.04.2011_PuppetShow Lost Town Collectors Edition
15.04.2011_Spring Bonus
16.04.2011_The Agency of Anomalies – Mystic Hospital Collector’s Edition
17.04.2011_Youda Survivor 2
18.04.2011_Our Worst Fears – Stained Skin
18.04.2011_The Tale of The Lost Bride and A Hidden Treasure
19.04.2011_Antique Road Trip 2 – Homecoming
20.04.2011_Avalon Legends Solitaire
20.04.2011_Bistro Boulevard
20.04.2011_Slot quest alice in wonderland
21.04.2011_Celtic Lore Sidhe Hills
22.04.2011_Jar of Marbles
22.04.2011_Spirits of Mystery – Amber Maiden Collector’s Edition
23.04.2011_Jet Set Go
23.04.2011_Royal Challenge Solitaire
24.04.2011_Fallen Shadows & Guide
25.04.2011_Dream Chronicles 5 – The Book of Water Collector’s Edition
26.04.2011_Arevan. The Bitter Truth
26.04.2011_Silent Scream – The Dancer
27.04.2011_Dark Ritual
27.04.2011_Diamon Jones Devil’s Contract
28.04.2011_Amanda Rose The Game of Time
28.04.2011_Magical Mysteries – Path of the Sorceress
29.04.2011_Voodoo Whisperer – Curse of a Legend CE
30.04.2011_Allora and The Broken Portal

System requirements:
• Operating system: Windows XP / Vista
• Processor: Intel Pentium IV – 1,4 GHz
• Memory: 512 MB
• Video: 128 MB





written by kvashna

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  1. 1. Kate Says:

    Hi Max, I couldn’t use any of the links above. Is there any way possible aside from those? Thanks!

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Kate, kindly download them from here –, thank you very much

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