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Mar 15

LoveSystems Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language & Physical Escalation Tutorial DVDRip worth $479 at Amazon!

This product literally is beyond words! An extremely thorough explanation of body language and being physical with women that will make you think about your sub conscious communications, when in the company of a woman, and change them to make you more attractive to women.

beyond words

The course has over 5 hours of immediately useful and cutting-edge strategies from the world’s top seduction coaches Cajun, Vercetti, and 5.0 (and all masterminded by Mr. M). There are some great in depth explanations and exercises that you can do to change the way you move and act around women for the better. I found that these skills can not only be used in the dating world but also in places of work and leisure to help come across better to people. All the techniques are shown by some of the best pick up artists in the world and these guys definitely know what they are talking about! This really is a life changing product and i would highly recommend it to anyone.

The world’s best seduction and body language coaches (TWO of these instructors are rated by the independent TSB Magazine to be in the TOP 10 Pick-up artists in the world!)
In-depth seminars and “how-to” lessons with rare insights… insider info and access to the world’s best seduction coaches (over 4 professionally filmed and edited DVDs)
Practical exercises to accelerate your learning so that it’s not just “head knowledge” but so that you can IMMEDIATELY use these techniques to attract more women
LIVE demonstrations (where appropriate) with a female model so that you see exactly how it’s done
With your own limited edition set of DVDs that you can watch, pause, practice and learn these killer strategies just by kicking back and watching them in the privacy of your own home.

You will be privy to strictly insider info and learn the exact moves, techniques and approaches that they have used to pick up (and date) playmates, models and more typically… Just really stunning and fun everyday girls.

DVD 1: Understanding Body Language
DVD 2: Advanced Body Language
DVD 3: Physical Escalation (Going From Zero To SEX)
DVD 4: Sexual Presence, Subtext And Mystique
+ DVD bonus!

1-01 Cajun – Introduction.avi
1-02 Vercetti – Introductory Look at Body Language.avi
1-03 Vercetti – Understanding Body Language.avi
1-04 Vercetti – A Detailed Look at Body Language.avi

Disc 2
2-01 Vercetti – Eye Contact.avi
2-02 Vercetti – Voice.avi
2-03 Vercetti – Movement and Touch.avi

Disc 3
3-01 5.0 (Steve) – Introduction to Physical Escalation.avi
3-02 5.0 – Social Touching.avi
3-03 5.0 – Friendly Touching.avi
3-04 5.0 – Romantic Touching.avi
3-05 5.0 – Sexual Touching.avi

Disc 4
4-01 Cajun – Personal History.avi
4-02 Cajun – Sexual Presence.avi
4-03 Cajun – Subtext and Mystique.avi

Disc 5
5-01 Keychain – Rapid Physical Escalation.avi
5-02 Key Chain – Day Game.avi

Disc 6
6-01 Vercetti – Beliefs.avi
6-02 Cajun – Online Game.avi

Disc 7
An Audience with Cajun & Vercetti.avi

Instant Improvements by Vercetti.pdf

written by maxdugan

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