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Sep 11

The Interceptor DVDRip with English Subtitles

The Interceptor is a fascinating movie, presenting lots of surreal imagery and a strange battle between good and evil. There’s ideas of alternate dimensions for forces of light and an ethereal darkness that is intent on spreading itself into our plane of existence. The scenery is fantastic, and the action is simply awesome!


Adapted for the screen from the hugely successful series of novels by sci-fi author Vasily Golovachev Interceptor tells the story of Matvey a Russian Special Forces agent trained and guided by a celestial brotherhood of time-shifting Angels.Agent Matvey is betrayed by his partner when transporting new psychic weapons. Believed to be dead, he escapes and takes a new identity so he can live in peace far away. But later he is forced to return to Moscow to confront a secret organization, led by his former partner, that attempts to use the dangerous weapon in order to take control over the country. Now he is a key figure in the battle between forces of darkness and light.




written by maxdugan

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