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Jan 31

Litsonero DVDRip – Filipino Movie


Fidel (Paolo Contis) is a fresh culinary arts graduate from a Swiss school, working as under-chef in a casino restaurant in Macau. Fidel is compelled by his mother, Inay Virgin (Maricel Laxa) , to come back to their hometown in time for the first death anniversary of his father. Soon after he arrives, he is challenged by an uncle, Tiyo Pinoy (Michael de Mesa), reproaching him fo forgetting his roots, that he has become practically a foreigner, and that — no matter how hard he tried–he cannot cook a good lechon. Fidel accepts the wager. Fidel starts apprenticing with the town’s lechon master , Man Carding (Jun Urbano) and falls in love with Carding’s granddaughter, Carmel (Karylle).


written by maxdugan

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