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Dec 25

100 Years That Shook the World (2011) DVDRip – 3-Disc Collectors Edition

Our children will inherit a legacy from a century of dramatic change – a legacy generated by a hundred years of technological and political hyperactivity. The beneficiaries of this legacy will undoubtedly gain from the technological revolution, but they will also have to endure the consequences of our mistakes and follies.

100 years that shook the world

100 YEARS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD documents the political turmoil, horrors of war, medical breakthroughs, scientific advancements and social upheavals that made this century one of the most critical and turbulent periods in human history. Assembled from the archival vaults of Pathé and the BBC, 100 Years that Shook the World traces the global milestones of our era. Acclaimed documentarian Gary Tarpinian presents a narrative portrait of the events that shook our world and changed our lives forever.

5 stars


written by maxdugan

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