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Jul 07

Asylum Unrated DVDRip

Visually splendid in dank, grey tones, Asylum is an explosion of repressed sexuality that is frightening in its force and surprising in its ending. This is an intense film with a lot of emotions. We get to see love, hate, jealousy and regret all in one movie.


Asylum is the story of the bored and unfulfilled wife of a psychiatrist working at a remote mental asylum, who starts a passionate but dangerous affair with one of the patients, a jealous psychopath. At first Stella is beguiled by the new world of passion and unchartered lust Edgar introduces her to and the pair manage to keep their affair secret from the mental asylum officials until Edgar can take it no more and breaks out of the asylum. Stella attempts to continue life without her lover, playing mother to her son, Charlie and wife to her husband, Max.


written by maxdugan

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