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Oct 11

Julia Child The Way To Cook – Complete Video Tutorial

At last on DVD – Julia’s invaluable series of cooking lessons designed to bring her right into your own kitchen to teach you the fundamentals of good cooking! Here is the six-part series in which Julia teaches you all the fundamentals of good cooking and offers a wealth of her favorite recipes. Meryl Streep played Julia Child in the movie Julia & Julia. She also graced the cover of Time Magazine.

the way to cook

This is an awesome instructional video. The masterpiece of all cooking DVDs! Julie covers nearly every cooking technique you can think of live in front of you in her down-to-earth way. From deglazing a sauce and degreasing a stock to thickening a soup and unmolding a timbale, all the important techniques that make for good cooking are here. Now, at the press of a button, you have instant access to whatever recipe or information you need. Watch Julia do it and you’ll be empowered. Bon appetit!

5 stars

FOR NOVICE COOKS TO PROFESSIONAL CHEFS – This is one of the comprehensive cooking videos you’ll ever get! See course outline on next page.

julia child time magazine

POULTRY includes the perfect chicken sauté with variations, classic coq au vin, ways with chicken breasts, butterflied grilled birds, roast turkey, and a special duck.

MEAT: Quick and easy sautéed steaks, hamburgers, pork chops, aromatic stews, a crusty hash, grilled pork, and majestic beef and lamb roasts.
VEGETABLES: How best to cook twenty of your favorite vegetables, plus gratins, stuffed delights, eggplant pizza, and risotto.

SOUPS, SALADS, AND BREAD: The three master soup stocks and improvisations, a French onion soup and a Mediterranean fish soup, tossed and composed salads, plus how to make your own French bread.

FISH AND EGGS: Selecting fish and shellfish; broiling, sautéing, and oven-poaching fish; plus the miraculous egg—alone or in omelettes, custards, quiche, sauces, and a spectacular soufflé.

FIRST COURSES AND DESSERTS: Patés and fish mousse, tart crusts and crepes with savory and with sweet fillings, two master cakes, and a Tipsy Trifle.

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