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Dec 12

A Dirty Shame Unrated DVDRip

Yes, it’s a John Waters film. Yes, it’s filthy and it’s crazy! For fans of John Waters, this movie is a wet dream come true! This is his funniest film – and by funny, it’s laugh out loud hilarious from start to finish. If you are one of those who easily get offended – Don’t watch this movie!

a dirty shame

In the suburb of Hartford Road, the middle-age Sylvia Stickles is a sexually repressed woman that hates sex. She refuses to have sex with her husband Vaughn Stickles and locks her daughter with huge breasts and night-club dancer Caprice Stickles in her room, since she is in probation for moral attempt. Sylvia together with her mother Big Ethel lead a group that self-entitles neuter and promotes a decency rally. Sylvia accidentally hits her head on the floor, changes her sexual behavior and follows the sex addicted and sexual healer Ray Ray Perkins, becoming his twelfth apostle of sex in a journey of pleasure and orgasm.


written by maxdugan

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