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Oct 29

Castle Knatterfels: 3DD Strip Poker [PC-Game]


UPDATE: Files re uploaded.

The word boring for strip poker now belongs to the past! Experience a radical new Strip Poker world in the 3rd Dimension! Are you man enough to tangle with curvy Sally Cemetary? This full-bosomed, full-blooded baby will provoke you beyond your wildest dreams, showing you more of her ultra-sweet curves than you could ever dare to hope! Even the Master of Tits himself, Russ Meyer, would have goggled at these masterpieces! And all in crystal-clear, extra-focus 3D! You won’t miss even the tiniest detail!


Back Cover:

- Ultra 3D feeling thanks to perfect Anaglyph Technology -!!!Anaglyph 3D glasses red/cyan needed for viewing 3D effect – GLASSES NOT INCLUDED IN DOWNLOAD-VERSION !!!
- comfortable user interface
- Hyper-realistic graphics
- exciting sequences and hot poses
- Groovy soundtrack
- time-tested game principle with a huge hook!




written by Slimbo

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  1. 1. asan Says:

    post new links pls

  2. 2. fripon79 Says:

    please the links are broken… don’t you have video strip poker unlocked free ?

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