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Jan 20

Good Dick Unrated DVDRip

Real life issues brought to life. Don’t be fooled by the title, the flick is surprisingly raw, honest and stimulating about a beautiful porn loving woman being courted by a video store clerk, it definitely sounds like the makings for some good sexual innuendo and lots of genitalia jokes. In fairness the humor comes from dysfunctional sexual material that would be uncomfortable if taken too seriously.

good dick

They’re in their 20s. He works in a video store; he’s eager, chatty, sleeps in his car. She rents adult films, looks disheveled, rarely speaks. He chats her up, she brushes him off. He takes her address from store records and contrives to run into her. He rings her doorbell; she tells him to go away. He invents a story of a great-aunt who’s died; she lets him in but holds a butcher knife between them. So it goes. He presses for a relationship; she ignores him, insults him, or yells. He’s persistent, inviting her out, cooking, washing her hair. Both have demons and, as their natures become more clear, his addictive personality and her sex nausea may be on a collision course.


written by maxdugan

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