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Jun 13

Justine Seduction of Innocence DVDRip

seduction of innocence

Daneen Boone (Justine) is portrayed as a naive, overly-protected student at an all girls school, where she is kidnapped in the shower by professional thieves looking for lost treasures. Under a hypnotic influence, Justine reveals her wild exotic voyeuristic adventures which have occured around the world. Her provacative fantasies are descriptive and visually leave nothing to the imagination. Justine’s sensual adventures display how she is overcomed by seduction and gradually loses her innocence, finding sexual freedom and love through her voyeuristic journeys. The plot has been sacrificed for an abundant amount of nudity. The film is a soft-porn flick, however Daneen Boone is a fresh young face and beautiful to admire.


written by maxdugan

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