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Oct 29

Basics of Household Wiring – DVDRip Tutorial + eBooks

The Basics of Household Wiring is the only program of its kind. It s an illustrated training program designed to teach you electrical wiring techniques in a faster, more effective way.

basics of household wiring

Just some of the complex wiring challenges we will teach you on this DVD include: Service Panels and Breakers, Wires, Cables and Gauges,Rough-In Wiring, Switches, Receptacles, Lights, Safety and Testing, Special Wiring Situations, Voltage, Watts, Amps, Three-Way switches and more…

5 stars

Owning this DVD will give you the opportunity to watch wiring procedures over and over again until you ve mastered them. We provide diagrams and show you how electricity flows through your newly wired situation. The Basics of Household Wiring will jump start your confidence and teach you the professional secrets to this challenging field of home improvement.

written by maxdugan

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