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Jan 30

Surf The World For Free WiFi Radar and WiFi Hack Tools AIO

surf for free

written by maxdugan

6 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. yazmany Says:

    Sir Max,

    Thanks for the upload. Any instructions on how to use the exe file. is this file safe? Keep up the great work

  2. 2. xcalib Says:

    can’t download…

  3. 3. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Xcalib. just checked the link now and its working fine, kindly try downloading again, thank you very much

  4. 4. xcalib Says:

    troajn??? seems infected… i’m using nod32

  5. 5. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Xcalib, its a “suspicious” threat, and its a false positive, thank you very much

  6. 6. yazmany Says:

    Mr Xcalib, have u been successful using this program?

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