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Mar 10

Grave of the Fireflies DVDRip with English Subtitles

At last I found it! It took me some time to find this great movie – This is one of the greatest war movie ever made… it’ll bring tears even to the toughest guy you know. The best movie you’ll want to see again and again. – Maxdugan

grave of the fireflies

The story is based on the semi-autobiographic novel by the same name, whose author, Nosaka, lost his sister due to malnutrition in 1945 wartime Japan. He blamed himself for her death and wrote the story so as to make amends to her and help him accept the tragedy. Read more on next page.

5 stars

Rated 8.2 / 10 Stars at IMDB

Due to the graphic and truly emotional depiction of the negative consequences of war on society and the individuals therein, some critics have viewed “Grave of the Fireflies” as an anti-war film. The film does provide an insight into Japanese culture by focusing its attention almost entirely on the personal tragedies that wars give rise to, rather than seeking to glamorize it as a heroic struggle between competing ideologies. Conversely, some critics have cited the film’s narrow focus on suffering by solely Japanese characters as a classic example of Japanese myopia toward the root causes of World War II and the failure of Japan to address its own grave responsibilities for aggressive acts of war and war crimes dating to the 1930s.

written by maxdugan

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