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Nov 18

Legend of Drunken Master DVDRip x264 English Dubbed

legend of drunken master

Jackie Chan was 40 when he stepped back into the role of young Wong Fei Hung in this sequel to his breakthrough comic hit, Drunken Master. In the ensuing years the character, one of China’s most popular folk heroes and a cinematic staple for decades, had been taken up as a quiet, introspective healer by Jet Li in the first three films in the fabulously popular series of films Once Upon a Time in China and in the more comic Last Hero in China. This mad mix of slapstick comedy, energetic action, and melodrama offers some of Chan’s finest fight scenes, a series of tightly choreographed, highly acrobatic skirmishes that build in intensity to the battle royal in the foundry where Wong dodges coal carts, parries sneak attacks, and crab walks through red-hot coals while taking on a succession of comers. Though 20 years older than his character, Chan pulls it off with grace, energy, and youthful vigor.


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