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Apr 30

Baby Genius Favourite Nursery Rhymes – Educational DVDRip Tutorial

favorite nursery rhymes

This outstanding collection of Baby Genius DVDs includes themes about playtime outings and little children interacting in the events and places around them. The focus is on entertainment and teaching children in an environment filled with fun and adventure. Animation is combined with children’s songs and includes fun-loving Baby Genius characters like DJ the Dinosaur, Vinko the Dancing Bear and more.

Animation and live action combine with classic nursery rhymes to get toes tapping and hands clapping. Favorite Nursery Rhymes features familiar classics like Old MacDonald Had A Farm, Row, Row, Row Your Boat, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, along with Baby Genius originals, and many, many more. The fun never ends!

5 stars

Featuring the award-winning music from Baby Genius! These classical arrangements and favorite vocal compilations stimulate children and aid their development, fulfilling the Baby Genius Mission to empower parents with educational and entertaining products. Music does make a difference!

written by maxdugan

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