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Nov 09

Brain Respiration Self-Training CD (Audio CD)

Brain Respiration offers potent and profound methods to effect both evolutionary and revolutionary changes in human life and consciousness.

brain respiration

This CD contains precise and concise instructions on all key phases of Brain Respiration, including Energy Sensitivity training to the five main stages of Brain Respiration and Power Brain Training. You can follow along the whole CD or pick a specific track that you like. To awaken and stimulate the brain effectively, mostly acoustic and natural sounds were used and electronic sounds were excluded.

5 stars

Rated 4.5 / 5 Stars from Amazon

Brain Respiration trains the brain using three interrelated and distinct elements:
1. Physical Coordination Exercises for the physical body
2. Energy Movement Exercises for the energy body
3. Awareness Expanding Exercises for the spiritual body


written by maxdugan

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