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Mar 31

The Human Sexes (Complete Series) DVDRip

human sexes

The Answers You’ve Been Looking For. This video series provides a unique and rational map for understanding the complexity of human sexual relationships. Why are women attracted to men in nice cars? Why do people have affairs? What makes some men/ women more physically attractive? These and many other quandries of the eternal male/ female dilemma are answered in logical, SCIENTIFIC terms. It is an excellent reference point for further discussion and exploration. In a time of conflicting gender roles and stereotypes, this series provides welcome clarity. Episode guide and description on next page.

5 stars

In today’s world the understanding between sexes and gender is fundamental for peaceful community. Some of the material here is familiar, some surprising; some is plainly chosen for color, yet is revealing; some of it examines serious matters, some just fools around. The documentary provides patterns and fresh information about how women and men interact in different cultures and races, comparing different aspects of male and female biology and behaviour. From issues such as monogamy, emotional equality, and love, take a detailed look at the human persona as never seen before. It makes us respect our development as a human beings in different surroundings.

01 The Human Sexes – Different but Equal
Will boys always be boys, and girl always be girls? Will we every really understand each other? You may be shocked by your conclusions. Different but Equal explores whether the amazing differences between men and women are based on biology or history.

02 The Human Sexes – The Language of the Sexes
How does boy meet girls? Is finding a mate ever easy? How do you send a signal that you’re available? There are as many ways to speak the Language of the Sexes as there are cultures. It’s easy to see why the Language of the Sexes is so hard to understand.

03 The Human Sexes – Patterns of Love
How far would you go for love? Get ready to be amazed as you ever thought possible. Pattern of Love may change your definition of love.

04 The Human Sexes – Passages of Life
Does society treat men and women differently? You may not like the unsetting answers you’ll find in Passages of Life, that make you feel better about growing up… or worse.

05 The Human Sexes – The Maternal Dilemma
In today’s world, is it tougher to be a mother… or father? Will it ever be possible to balance work and motherhood? No matter what you currently believe, The Maternal Dilemma Will suprise you with new insight.

06 The Human Sexes – The Gender Wars
Do you know what side of the “battle of the sexes” you’re on? You might be stunned by this eye-opening look at the recent struggle for equality between the sexes. Pay attention: what you learn here may just help you survive The Gender Wars.

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. BookWorm Says:

    This looks really good… thanks, Max. Understanding your better-half is priceless… ;)

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too BookWorm

  3. 3. Lakshmanan S Says:

    Different knowledge about the downloading of this video. Mr. Desmond Morris is a famous author in the behavioral Science. Thank you very much on the downloading.

  4. 4. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much too Lakshaman S

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