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Mar 09

Karafun Karaoke Pack + 3000 Songs + 2000-Song Tracklist


KaraFun is a complete solution for playing and creating karaoke at home. It offers not only a much richer graphical experience, but also a significant layer of interactivity and control. Play the new KFN format with the KaraFun Standard Software and control key and tempo, set the volume of guide vocal track and melody, personalize your own training mode, toggle the sync bubbles mode, change text typo and so much more!

The KaraFun Standard package consists of a player and an editor. The Player plays all major karaoke files : KFN, KAR, CDG, LRC, KOK, AVI, MPEG… The Editor allows you to easily create your own karaoke tracks!

written by maxdugan

8 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. jess Says:

    can you put this in dizzcloud

  2. 2. Rachelle Says:

    Sr, Max I cant download the part 2 in rare file? please help

  3. 3. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Rachelle, just checked the links now and they are all working fine, kindly try downloading again, thank you very much

  4. 4. CS Says:

    rarefile links not working
    extabit needs a registration…

  5. 5. DJU4ic Says:

    When installed the player only plays about 45 seconds of each song. Is there a crack or registration code? Thanks Max.

  6. 6. falconnest1 Says:

    The rare link works fine and the player works fine plays all songs full complete . There is no registration or crack it is free software thank you Max

  7. 7. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Falconnest1

  8. 8. Alvin Says:

    Boss Maxdugan, any compilation of Filipino OPM songs for this Karafun? Hope you can share thank you in advance!!

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