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Jan 12

Tomb Raider Ascension DVDRip

Except for Ms. Pac-Man, Lara Croft is arguably the best-known female video game character ever. As the  star  of Edios  Tomb Raider series, sporting a British accent, sleek moves and outfits that pack more than pistols, Croft walks the precariously thin line between post-feminist icon and fanboy drool instigator.

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As a result, it might seem easy to make a movie based on her, but both the Tomb Raider feature films were abysmal junk, and most fan efforts to date have haven t done her justice either. These factors make the brand-new fan production, Tomb Raider: Ascension, all the more surprising it s a great flick that simply leaves other incarnations of Croft and Co. in its dust.
Here s a fan film that feels like a feature not necessarily in terms of budget (though it s not chintzy), but rather due to the quality of writing, acting, editing and camerawork. Throughout the movie, time and again, the usual fan film pitfalls are avoided. For instance and it s no small thing the actors interact; they re not merely reciting lines. For that matter, they re all different ages,too something of a rarity in fan movies.




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