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Aug 24

You Changed My Life DVDRip – Filipino Movie with English Subtitles


It’s been 6 months since Laida Magtalas (Sarah Geronimo) won the heart of her prince charming Miggy Montenegro (John Lloyd Cruz) and her life has been nothing but a bed of roses: she got promoted, Flippage is now in the same building where Miggy works and best of all, her hair looks better than ever. As far as Laida is concerned, nothing can wreck her perfect little world. Miggy feels like he’s on top of the world as well. He’s okay with his family situation, for the first time, he’s in a meaningful relationship and is determined to prove to everyone that he is indeed still a work in progress, but well on his way to becoming the new and improved, Miggy!

But unforseen events puts a damper on Miggy and Laida’s seemingly blissful lives when Miggy gets promoted and is assigned to Laguna, while Laida is offered a job in Canada. With their careers leading Laida and Miggy in separate paths, their new relationship begins to suffer under the pressures of being apart. Will Laida and Miggy be able to overcome these new challenges and keep their happily ever after? Or will they realize, a little too late, that living the dream is actually harder than attaining it?

written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Jeb Says:

    hi max. kindly reupload please. thanks.

  2. 2. Charlie Says:

    Hi Sir max, can you please re=upload this one? thank you!

  3. 3. Charlie Says:

    Thank you So much Sir Max!

  4. 4. Yohkie Says:

    salamat sir max..sana ma upload nyo yung.. “Finally Found Someone” nina john lloyd cruz at sarah g. thanks ulit

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