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Jan 13

Marvels Agents Of Shield Season 5 Episode 1 to 7 720p HDTV x264 + HDTV x264

agents shield

In the Season 5 premiere, Coulson and the team find themselves stranded on a mysterious ship in outer space.

Season 5, Episode 03 – “a Life Spent”
Daisy decides she will rescue Simmons—even if it means risking everything to do it.

Season 5, Episode 04 – “A Life Earned”
Coulson and the team discover what their captors’ true intentions are; and in space, escape is not an option.

Season 5, Episode 05 – “Rewind”
With the surprising help of Lance Hunter, nothing will stop Fitz from finding the lost team as his incredible journey is revealed.

Season 5, Episode 07 – “Together or Not At All”
Just as the team reunites, they become prey to an undefeated Kree warrior who is bent on killing them all.

720P HDTV X264


written by maxdugan

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