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Feb 02

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 Episode 1 to 15 HDTV x264

the big bang theory

Season 11 begins with Amy giving Sheldon an answer to his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Howard and Bernadette struggle with some unexpected news.

Season 11, Episode 02 – “The Retraction Reaction”
Leonard angers the university and the entire physics community when he gives an embarrassing radio interview. Meanwhile, Amy and Bernadette bond over having to hide their success from Sheldon and Howard.

Season 11, Episode 03 – “The Relaxation Integration”
Amy records Sheldon talking in his sleep and tries to convince him that he has a more laid-back side. Meanwhile, Koothrappali and Stuart compete to win the heart of Bernadette’s new co-worker.

Season 11, Episode 04 – “The Explosion Implosion”
Wolowitz and Sheldon bond over their relationships with their disappointing fathers when they drive to the desert to shoot off a model rocket. Meanwhile, Leonard’s mom finds a new best friend in Penny, much to Leonard’s dismay.

Season 11, Episode 05 – “The Collaboration Contamination”
Sheldon and Koothrappali confide in Bernadette when they can’t handle Amy and Wolowitz working together. Meanwhile, Penny and Leonard learn new tactics on how to deal with Sheldon and they come from an unlikely source.

Season 11, Episode 06 – “The Proton Regeneration”
Sheldon goes head-to-head with Wil Wheaton for the role of the new Professor Proton. Meanwhile, Penny steps in and takes care of Halley when Bernadette and Wolowitz both wind up on bed rest.

Season 11, Episode 07 – “The Geology Methodology”
Sheldon and Bert collaborate on a research project, despite Sheldon’s embarrassment. Also, Penny and Bernadette coach Koothrappali on how to navigate his relationship with Ruchi.

Season 11, Episode 08 – “The Tesla Recoil”
Leonard and Wolowitz are furious after they learn Sheldon went to work with the military behind their backs. Also, while Bernadette is on bed rest, she asks Raj to do some digging when she suspects Ruchi is trying to steal her job.

Season 11, Episode 09 – “The Bitcoin Entanglement”
Sheldon tries to teach the guys a lesson after they cut him out of a potentially valuable Bitcoin investment. Also, a seven-year-old video reveals a secret about Leonard and Penny’s relationship.

Season 11, Episode 10 – “The Confidence Erosion”
Sheldon and Amy try to eliminate stress from wedding planning by applying math to the process. Also, Koothrappali “breaks up”� with Wolowitz after realizing his best friend is actually hurting his confidence.

Season 11, Episode 11 – “The Celebration Reverberation”
Sheldon and Wolowitz plan birthday celebrations for Amy and Halley, respectively. Also, Leonard receives a Christmas letter from his brother that causes him to spiral out about his own lack of accomplishments.

Season 11, Episode 12 – “The Matrimonial Metric”
To discover who would be most qualified to be best man and maid of honor at their wedding, Sheldon and Amy subject their friends to a series of secret experiments. Also, Penny reveals her true feelings about Amy.

Season 11, Episode 13 – “The Solo Oscillation”
When Sheldon kicks Amy out to work solo, she and Leonard bond during a series of science experiments. Also, Bert the geologist replaces Wolowitz in the band Footprints on the Moon, and Sheldon finds Penny a surprising source of scientific inspiration.

Season 11, Episode 14 – “The Separation Triangulation”
Koothrappali finds himself in the middle of domestic drama when he learns the woman he’s dating, Nell, has a very upset husband, Oliver. Also, Sheldon rents his old room back for a quiet place to work and drives Leonard crazy by being a model tenant.

Season 11, Episode 15 – “The Novelization Correlation”
When Sheldon petitions Wil Wheaton to appear on the new Professor Proton show, Wil offers a role to Amy instead. Also, Penny gets angry when she thinks the female protagonist in Leonard’s novel is based on her.

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