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Oct 16

Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 1 to 16 720p HDTV x264 + HDTV x264


In the Season 3 premiere, the Clark family find themselves in a dire predicament and must work together to discover a path to safety; and Strand faces resistance as he attempts to hold power over his domain.

Season 03 , Episode 02 – “Eye of the Beholder”
The Clark family find themselves in a dire predicament. They must work together to discover a path to safety.

Season 03 , Episode 03 – “TEOTWAWKI”
Still finding their place, Alicia and Nick fall in with new crowds; while Madison discovers Otto’s past mimics that of her own.

Season 03 , Episode 04 – “100”
A mysterious character searches for purpose and soon becomes tied to the struggle over a key resource in the apocalypse.

Season 03 , Episode 05 – “Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame”
A new threat reveals itself to Madison and Troy as they search for answers. Elsewhere, Alicia must reconcile with her past decisions.

Season 03 , Episode 06 – “Red Dirt”
News of incoming danger spreads throughout the community, as Madison struggles to keep everyone together. Meanwhile, Nick grapples with a hard truth.

Season 03 , Episode 07 – “The Unveiling”
A new arrival sows a divide within the ranch. Meanwhile, Alicia forms a new relationship in hopes of maintaining peace.

Season 03 , Episode 08 – “Children of Wrath”
Madison must negotiate the terms of an agreement in the midst of ranch-wide turmoil; and Nick and Alicia challenge their mother’s motives.

Season 03 , Episode 10 – “The Diviner”
with the Ranch dangerously low on resources, Madison and Walker leave in search of a solution; and Nick and Alicia struggle to keep the peace.

Season 03 , Episode 11 – “La Serpiente”
Following the rekindling of an old friendship, a mission is launched to replenish the Ranch’s water supply by seeking the help of another community.

Season 03 , Episode 12 – “Brother’s Keeper”
As Nick and Jake set out to handle a delicate situation, the Ranch prepares for a threat greater than any they’ve faced before.

Season 03 , Episode 13 – “This Land Is Your Land”
With the Ranchers trapped and without hope, Alicia is thrust into a position of leadership, where she’s forced to make life-changing decisions.

Season 03 , Episode 14 – “El Matadero”
Alicia encounters a potential ally; and Ofelia fights for survival, while Nick uses his skill set for profit in the apocalypse.

Season 03 , Episode 15 – “Things Bad Begun”
In the Season 3 finale, Strand’s motives are made clear when Nick discovers a new threat descending on the dam; Madison faces a horrifying revelation

Season 03 , Episode 16 – “Sleigh Ride”
The Clark family is pushed to new extremes.

720P HDTV X264


written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Tracy Says:

    Hi Max

    I’m just getting a server error on E06. Can you re-upload please.

    Many thanks

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Tracy, im sorry about that, the link is now fixed, thank you very much

  3. 3. nilesh65 Says:

    Thank you very much,Max.

  4. 4. Bonita Says:

    Thank you Max

  5. 5. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Bonita

  6. 6. Jim Says:

    Hey Max,

    Episode 9 in 720p is actually episode 9 and 10

    If you go to episode 10 720p it starts close the middle ish of episode 9

    I imagine the same is true for the non 720p as well



  7. 7. Bonita Says:

    Thank you Max great job as always

  8. 8. wendle Says:

    Hi Max.
    Can you please split ep 16, so the parts are under 500mb.

  9. 9. maxdugan Says:

    My apologies Wendgle, splitting the file into 2 now, thank you very much

  10. 10. wendle Says:

    Thanks Max. You’re a champion.

  11. 11. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Wendle, am not champion of anything, he he he, thank you very much

  12. 12. Bonita Says:

    Thanks Max great season finale.
    Woooohoooooooo! Walking dead
    is this Sunday I can’t hardly wait.
    You are so Awesome Maxiiiii!!!!!
    Yes you are! I know you are denying
    it. LOLOLOLOL have a great day.

  13. 13. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Bonita, have a great day too, thank you very much

  14. 14. Henry Says:

    Hi Max,
    Episode 10, Account is Missing, can you repair it too?

  15. 15. Henry Says:

    Hi Max,
    Episode 10, Account is Missing, can you repair it too?
    i’ve download all episode by JDownloader except E10.

  16. 16. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Henry, just checked all the links and they are all working fine, kindly try downloading directly, thank you very much

  17. 17. Henry Says:

    i found out that Jdownload “account is Missing” correlates to Rarefile limits the file to 350 Mb.
    could you please split E10 up for i can download it?

    this matter also occur in S08E02 Walking dead.
    thanks in advance.

  18. 18. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Henry, free users can now download files up to 500MB and also more files, kindly read the announcement on the front page for free users – , please follow the instructions and you are good to go, thank you very much.

  19. 19. Henry Says:

    Many thanks for your explanation Max.
    your the best. i can now download it directly.

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