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Feb 08

O’Reilly – Learn to Use Photoshop CC 2017 Training Video Tutorial

how to use photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is so packed with tools, features, and options that it can feel intimidating. Photoshop expert Andy Anderson blows away all of your fears in this overview of the software and an in-depth look at the best ways to use it.

Designed for Photoshop beginners, casual users, and those stuck in a rut of using the software in the same narrow way over and over again, this course will improve your workflows and boost your creativity by teaching you Photoshop’s most useful tools and techniques.

- Conquer the interface and master the use of Bridge, Lightroom, and Camera Raw
- Learn the top toolbar customizations, shortcuts, and image management techniques
- Understand how to control image information and color
- Learn the essentials of working with layers, masks, and the many types of selections
- Explore blending modes, smart objects, and image scaling/transformation
- Understand adjustment layers and the use of filters
- Learn the best ways to set-up workflows that are efficient, effective, and fun

Table of Contents
-01. Introduction
-02. Getting Started
-03. Working In Photoshop
-04. Organization And Efficiency
-05. Proper Image Management
-06. Controlling Image Information
-07. Working With Layers
-08. Photoshop And Color
-09. Mastering Layer Masks
-10. The Name Of The Game Is Selection
-11. Modifying Image Information
-12. The Magic Of Blending Modes
-13. Working With Smart Objects
-14. Transforming Images
-15. Amazing Adjustment Layers
-16. Photoshop Filters
-17. Conclusion

written by maxdugan

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