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Mar 25

Important Announcement!


- Maxdugan


written by maxdugan

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  1. 1. Nico Carstens Says:

    What a thing, but **** happens… Thanks for informing us. Regards

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Nico, yes it does happen, ha ha ha, the good news is we are here to stay, thank you very much

  3. 3. Megastar Says:

    hello my friend;),

    could of been a catastrophe and could of lost everything:P, now this will give me time to do some work lol, hope that all is good in your neck of the world, and thank you to the lovely people who keep this site up and running:), I bet you were nervous wondering what was happening, heart nearly skipping a beat, and you know worse things are happening in the world, this i’m sure will be fixed and patience will be OUR virtue as the migration over to the other servers go.

    Again thank you and remember stressed spelt backwards = ‘desserts’ so maybe chill and have some ice cream and cake:P

    keep up the great site

    Megastar :)

  4. 4. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Megastar, you just make me smile so thank you very much for that :) Worst things had happened before with rapidshare, hotfile and filesonic, they just dumped everyone out in the cold and we lost everything, good thing rarefile is a friend and we work together to make sure that we get back on our feet at the soonest possible time, thank you very much for your kind understanding :)

  5. 5. cybernick Says:

    Sorry for your trouble. Hope you can fix it and continue with your normal work. Thanks, Max :)

  6. 6. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Cybernick

  7. 7. Marta Says:

    Great news Max, especially as I have just renewed an annual sub!

    Hope all goes well with the recovery.

  8. 8. noli007 Says:


  9. 9. TexasDude Says:

    Max, do you know if Rarefile will credit it’s members a few days to make up for the crash?

    I mean membership in a site that is basically empty or doesn’t work is pretty much worthless to us.

  10. 10. maxdugan Says:

    Hello TexasDude, yes Rarefile will do that, we already discussed about that, thank you very much

  11. 11. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Marta, bonus days will be added for compensation

  12. 12. nolose_end Says:

    thanks for the info supermax, i know u can do it, more power.

  13. 13. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Nolose End

  14. 14. Amin R Marcalle Says:

    It happens, computers and servers brake from time to time, i will be with you for all times, you are the best Sir. Max, this site is here to stay….

  15. 15. marcdi63 Says:

    Awesome job Max. Thanks

  16. 16. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Marcdi63

  17. 17. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Amon Marcalle, am not the best in any way, thank you very much

  18. 18. Arbi Says:

    Thanks for the info Boss….hehehehe

  19. 19. rentahippie Says:

    Sad Day for sure, It is great that you have a backup to restore all

  20. 20. John Says:

    Hey Max!
    Thanks for ALL your hard work on a daily/weekly/monthly basis! You (AYL) AND Rarefile ROCK!

    We are behind you!


  21. 21. chuck Says:

    Thanks Max! The money you have saved me over the past few years more than makes up for the few dollars lost on downtime days.
    What! You are even replacing those days. Amazing service!
    What can I say except, you are the best!

  22. 22. donaldix Says:

    Thanks Max for the info. You just roll with the punches I guess. We have been faithful with you and rarefile since the beginning, and will continue to do so. We are all behind you :) All the Best man!

  23. 23. maxdugan Says:

    Dear Donaldix, thank you so very much for the support my friend, i wont be here without you guys here with me, thank you again

  24. 24. maxdugan Says:

    Dear Chuck, yes the downtime will be compensated and bonus days will be added to all premium members, thank you so very much for the support

  25. 25. maxdugan Says:

    Dear John, thank you so very much for the support my friend, it means a lot

  26. 26. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Rentahippie

  27. 27. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Arbi

  28. 28. CaSpeR055 Says:

    Hi Max and team AYL all users should just show some patience for AYL and Rarefile all will be fine soon :) Cheers and thanks for all you do.

  29. 29. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Casper055 for the support

  30. 30. buzuzih Says:

    Hello Max and Co.
    Very sorry to note such a problem. In to-days world of electronics, every thing is possible and such things happens when you won’t be expecting them.
    Any way, I was happy and very satisfied with your service and looking forward for a greater time.
    I re-command that every one be calm, as I have no doubt that very soon you will resolve this problem for the benefit of all.
    Good luck and thank you for your good service.

  31. 31. Deano63 Says:

    Hi Max,

    Whats a couple of days down time for maintenance
    when we get a great service at AYL that is unmatchable
    anywhere else……..
    Personally I would rather wait a few days and have the site
    running good…..
    Keep up the great work……

    Regards…. Deano63.

  32. 32. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Deano63 for the support

  33. 33. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much for the support Buzuzih

  34. 34. jpdoffay Says:

    Hi Max… when broken down servers gives you lemon… you make lemonade… shit happens… AYL is the best and rarefiles is just a bliss to use and you are Just awesome… waiting a little has never killed anyone…

    keep up the good service and thanks


  35. 35. Sesh Says:

    Thank you Max for updating status on Rarfile. Let us wait to see every thing goes well.

  36. 36. bmlawr Says:

    Thks for the update on Rarefile Max, that’s going to take a bit uploadin over 50 TB. Hope that more than one is uploadin, or the ONE has has very fast upload speed…All The Best

  37. 37. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bmwawr, we are hoping that we can start updating tomorrow after the new severs are configured properly, recovering the old files will take more time, thank you very much

  38. 38. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Sesh, we are hoping that we can start updating tomorrow after the new severs are configured properly, recovering the old files will take more time, thank you very much

  39. 39. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Jdfoffay, we are hoping that we can start updating tomorrow after the new severs are configured properly, recovering the old files will take more time, thank you very much

  40. 40. Ulrich22 Says:

    Good Day Max,

    Thanks for the update, does it mean that I can not download at all during this time.

  41. 41. Magellan Says:

    Hi Max, Great effort in keeping AYL moving forward. Can you please transfer Dr. Strange to a new server? Please : ) Thanks a bunch and more blessings.

  42. 42. papa Says:

    Hi Max, come back soon. Enjoy your vacation…..

  43. 43. bez Says:

    Hello there, i have maintained a personal link list of files through the years in case i need to quickly queue up a file. Would the urls change for files, or do you expect that after restore they will still be intact?

  44. 44. Cesar Santos Says:

    Hi Max it come back… I´m downloading again

  45. 45. John Says:

    The newer/recent posts ARE downloadable it looks! YAY!!!


  46. 46. sevy_tt Says:

    All that’s left are the older uploaded files. Good work Rarefile and good luck in restoring older uploads.

  47. 47. buzuzih Says:

    Hi Max, I am down loading the newly posts. It seems to be working fine.
    Thank you for your efforts and to all that have worked to fix this unfortunate problem.
    Good work and excellent service RAREFILE.
    All the best.

  48. 48. maxdugan Says:

    Hello everyone, new servers and up and working, we are uploading new files as fast as we can, recovering the old files will take much longer, we apologize for this inconvenience, our heartfelt thanks for your support, patience and understanding, thank you very much

  49. 49. Marta Says:

    Way to go Max, waaay to go!


  50. 50. cybernick Says:

    So glad for you. Power allyoulike! We are here for you….

  51. 51. nolose_end Says:

    thanks for update supermax more power.

  52. 52. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Nolose End

  53. 53. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Cybernick

  54. 54. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Marta

  55. 55. george69 Says:

    Hi Max,

    Thanks for being transparent and keeping us all informed – no fake news here!!
    Are you able to say what happened with the server? My geek side is interested in knowing – e.g. are the disks arranged in such a RAID configuration so that there is high performance, but full loss (e.g. RAID 0)?


  56. 56. KaiZeN Says:

    Are the servers down again? When I try to download the new episodes of The Flash or Arrow for example, I click download and I am presented with this error message ‘The requested URL /files/0:ERROR: fs_key is wrong or not empty/Flash.3.11.rar was not found on this server.’

  57. 57. Duck Billed Platypus Says:

    We love you Max

  58. 58. sidvicious24 Says:

    i have the same question and problem as KaiZeN.. when i go to download it gives me the same error message.. Thanks Max and ayl team…

  59. 59. Marc.simba Says:

    I’m glad for you and your crew and especially because you deliver the best quality of series and very good movies. I would have been sad and frustrated to go to find elsewhere such a good job ! I’m a premium user of your site and of and nobody’s good are you. keep recovering max… and just for your info, quantico 9th episode is still on a old server and leading to … nothing. hope you can fix it… one day. hold on guys, you are still the best.

  60. 60. Marc.simba Says:

    same for shadow hunters 4 ;-)


  61. 61. Marc.simba Says:

    and timeless 12th … :-) Marc

  62. 62. babalooga Says:

    oh my, i wish you theee best in recovering and reuping the stuff.
    do not stress out. not good for your health.
    you are way tooo prcious to get health problems because of stuff you can not control.
    hugs and kisses!

  63. 63. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Babalooga

  64. 64. rickfen Says:

    Hi Max

    Great job of recovery:)


  65. 65. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Rickfen

  66. 66. sandip Says:


  67. 67. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Sandip

  68. 68. Maxim Says:

    Please can you kindly update the link of Tally ERP 9 5.3.1? it is not working.Thanks in advance

  69. 69. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Maxim, kindly read the announcment on the front page, im so sorry for the inconvenience, thank you very much

  70. 70. Ali Says:

    Dear Max

    We are all behind you in case you need any help by donation I will gladly help you

  71. 71. KaiZeN Says:

    Hey Max, Any chance you can re-upload season 4 episode 1 of The 100? Or is it still a waiting game with the servers? Thank you.

  72. 72. rentahippie Says:

    I can’t download any file from rarefile What is happening

    I even taking new files you posted in the last few day.

    nothing happens

  73. 73. rentahippie Says:

    OK never mind is finally started to download

  74. 74. nilesh65 Says:

    I am unable to download any file,even i can not download new files.Very Fustrated.

  75. 75. maxdugan Says:

    Hello NIlesh65, can you please try clearing your browser cache please? Thank you very mcy much

  76. 76. maxdugan Says:

    Thats great Rentahippie, thank you very much

  77. 77. nilesh65 Says:

    I cleaned browser catch files but no success.

  78. 78. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Nilesh, ive contacted rarefile about this, they will be checking your IP and your account, thank you very much

  79. 79. rentahippie Says:

    It did take almost 30 minutes for it to start download the first time. There was quite a few files I was not able to get that were upload after this happen.
    I will have to get you a list.

  80. 80. Ali Says:

    Dear Max

    Is there any progress regarding the problem I’m still getting the same message
    that the service is under maintenance

    Would you please check and advise

  81. 81. Ghozty Says:

    Hello Max

    I realized that most of the links are not working. Is there any estimation for rebuilding servers at rarefile?
    Because as I see most of the files are inaccesible!


  82. 82. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ghozty, we are all waiting, it would take weeks and even months to recover everything, im so sorry, we have been working very hard but its a patience thing, thank you very much

  83. 83. Ali Says:

    Dear Max

    I know that you are busy, but ignoring in two separate occasions like I’m writing with an invisible ink really bothers. at least address my comments

  84. 84. gmonly Says:

    Hello Ali, as Max has stated: “it would take weeks and even months to recover everything”. please be patient, it will take some time, Max and Rarefile are working as fast they can. files are added and files are recovered daily. Thank you for your understanding and patients.

  85. 85. marlin59 Says:

    Hi Max,

    Sorry for the questions as I understand you are doing everything possible to rectify the situation..

    My problems are that many times when I am trying to download (all downloads I am trying are only your recent uploads) I only get the HTML files and not the RAR files. This doesn’t happen every time but enough to be very frustrating. I also get the Server Under maintenance error that many others are getting.

    I have cleared all my browser cashe etc and this is not helping. I have also uninstalled IDM and reinstalled, no difference

    Any help you could provide would be very much appreciated.


  86. 86. ardy Says:


  87. 87. Ulrich22 Says:

    Hi Max,

    All my downloads are just opening HTMLfiles. My subscription is up for renew the 23rd do i renew or wait for you to credit me for teh down time.


  88. 88. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ulrich22, the downtime will be credited not immediately, thank you very much

  89. 89. KaiZeN Says:

    Hi Max, I know this isn’t the best time to make requests but are you able to get Season 1 of ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’? It’s a Netflix exclusive. Or is this not possible at this time? Thank you for all your hard work.

  90. 90. maxdugan Says:

    Its now posted Kaizen, thank you very much

  91. 91. rentahippie Says:

    Sleepless (2017) HDCam will not download

    Elena and the Secret of Avalor (2016) will not download

    Counter Clockwise (2016) 1080p only files 1-13 will download the rest will not download.

    All these files were upload in the last few days too.

  92. 92. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Rentahippie, kindly make the comment on the posts themselves to make it easier for us, i checked the posts you mentioned the links have already been reuploaded, please refresh new links on your download manager, thank you very much

  93. 93. leorem Says:

    Just wanted to say good luck with fixing the servers! Its only a small bump. Thank you for your hard work :D

  94. 94. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Leoram

  95. 95. KaiZeN Says:

    Wow that was quick! Thank you so much Max! You are incredible!

  96. 96. maxdugan Says:

    LOL Kaizen, am not incredible in any way, thank you very much

  97. 97. Ali Says:



  98. 98. ROKKY Says:

    Hey max, I am back on here after a long time away from your site. Looks like you got your hands full, but I’m gonna try and ask anyways. Could you put Civilization 6 back on pretty please?? Thank you either way for all you do. I’m sure you will make it through these tough times and the site will be better than ever. Hanging in there for you bro.

  99. 99. superkraut Says:

    Hi Max

    You’re doping as great as ever, most people have no idea what is behind this migration job, its not as if it is only a couple of TB.

    Just dont care about those people who can only moan and bitch, they have been part of AYL just like the people who cant stop asking for things one day, and then bitch about it taking so long the other day.
    Its part of life I assume.

    Hang in buddy, all will be cool soon, but dont worry, the bitcher’s will still be here LOL


  100. 100. CaSpeR055 Says:

    Hello Sir Max team AYL and Rarefile a BIG THANKS for all your hard work in getting things up and running again so Quick,Great Effort thank you,Cheers.

  101. 101. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Casper055

  102. 102. sam Says:

    Ive been trying to get someone to len me join the vip memership no one i email will awnser?

  103. 103. KaiZeN Says:

    Hi Max, can you please upload the Netflix Original – Hip Hop Evolution? Thank you very much :))

  104. 104. artxty Says:

    when will the VIP section be up and running again? all the links are not working.

  105. 105. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Artxty, im so sorry, kindly spare us some time to fix all the problems, thank you very much

  106. 106. zuka Says:

    It’s sucha bad luck that this had to happen right when I decided to buy a 6 month subscription of Rarefile. And from what I gather you will have to upload every single file again.
    So can I please ask you to upload in Blu-Ray the Jurassic Park Trilogy; the Back to the Future Trilogy, the Indiana Jones Quadrology, the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes – Game of Shadows, Man of Steel, the Superman Quadrology + Superman Returns, and the list would go on, but I understand you can only work so fast.
    Thank you in advance.

  107. 107. maxdugan Says:

    Dont worry Zuka, we will reupload as soon as we can, thank you very much

  108. 108. Bill J Says:

    Any chance of getting Solsuite uploaded? Thanks

  109. 109. sjc3414 Says:

    Max, So sorry to hear of your issues. I join the others above who show such great support.
    Thank you for all you do and your hard work in providing us with so much great stuff. In the computer age we have to expect such things and you and rarefile are awesome. You clearly had the foresight to have back ups of everything and to those who are impatient… show some respect and have some patience…. some things are not always possible to control! Great job Max and thanks for the update on how it’s going.

  110. 110. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you so very much SJC3414, your comment inspires us to do better, thank you so much

  111. 111. Jacdeth Says:

    I am not one to say much but; THANK YOU

  112. 112. zolco Says:

    I’m desperate to have this or the crack at least.
    My daughter had her 18th as Debutant party in Dagupan City

    The regular DPS burns a watermark on every slide?! (561 pictures

    Thanks kindly if upload to current pages…

  113. 113. Keyss Says:

    Hi maxdugan,
    I’ve read all the posts above, I will just add my admiration of your site and the dedication you are showing to recover.
    Love your site and thank you for keeping us updated and answering peoples queries.

  114. 114. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Keyss for the support and understanding

  115. 115. zolco Says:

    hi Max,
    can you please re-upload ” Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe ” any working version with serial
    Thank you for your great work in fixing the server problem. Good luck ….

  116. 116. Napooh Says:

    Hi Max,
    Can you re-up the Animal Instincts trilogy
    Thx in every case. Great job

  117. 117. Shail Says:


    You da man!

    Creating the free account was a breeze.


  118. 118. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you very much Shail

  119. 119. SalamK Says:

    Dear Max,

    Please upload Hotspot Shield.

  120. 120. harry Says:

    hello bro.

    i was downloading lalaland. but some files are missing in it. kindly cheack file no. 5 and 6 in 720p

    please upload it agian. many people are willing to watch this movie

    please bro. help us

  121. 121. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Harry, you can download them from here –, thank you very much

  122. 122. meisfre Says:

    Thank U for the notice and the hard work U put in to make us all happy people. Ur awesome Max!

  123. 123. ksaleo Says:

    Hi Max,

    I cannot access the VIP links. I was able to do so last year. I have renewed my one year membership with Please re-activate my VIP membership. Thanks

  124. 124. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Ksaleo, kindly email with regards to VIP status, please take note that the promo might not be ongoing when you renewed your rarefile premium account, thank you very much

  125. 125. dongsor Says:

    hi max im having difficulty downloading from rarefile now whenever i click download it says wrong ip and the timer rolls over when i click it again it says i have to wait an hour cause im already downloading but im not. im using 3 different browser same result hope you can help i cant get my daily allyoulike fix. thanks

  126. 126. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Dongsor, which download manager are you using please? Premium or non-premium member? Have you registered for a free account on rarefile? Thank you very much

  127. 127. dongsor Says:

    im using idm max , non premium , i have a free account for rarefile ,all other filesharing site is working just rarefile. thanks for fast response really appreciate it.

  128. 128. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Dongsor, please use jdownloader, idm is for premium users, thank you very much

  129. 129. Bonita Says:

    Thanks Max I know you always do your best.
    I really appreciate all you efforts.

  130. 130. gabsie Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. Thank you also for the downloaded files. More power to you!

  131. 131. JC Says:

    Hi Max. I’m just wondering if you have ever encounter problem with rarefile receiving the premium key. I have purchased it yesterday and until now they have not sent me the premium key after they mentioned they will send me in a separate email. I sent them an email this morning to follow up but have not receive any reply. I wonder where else to complain about it. Thanks

  132. 132. maxdugan Says:

    Hello JC, we rarefile encounter this, but did you check your spam and junk email folder? It might have ended up there. We dont know where you purchased it from but please email rarefile directly at and they will resolve it for you, thank you very much

  133. 133. Wm Benge Says:

    It is to difficult to pay…I have tried three times today. It used to be easy.

  134. 134. sham Says:

    Dear, could upload ERP software for restorent and bakery

  135. 135. wirasatria Says:

    Why am i not able to download from VIP contents? I have logged in.

  136. 136. maxdugan Says:

    Hello wirasatria, your VIP membership might have expired, kindly email, thank you very much

  137. 137. bmlawr Says:

    Good Day Max
    Could you get the new version of Registry First Aid,
    think that 11 is out now.
    Thanks in advance

  138. 138. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Bmlawr, its now posted, thank you very much

  139. 139. snot Says:

    Hi Max

    FYI All Rarefile completely offline/down.

  140. 140. pyrod Says:

    Hi Max.Thanks for the good work but it seem is down at the moment it times out every time i use it. Could you please look into it.

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