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Feb 17

Sherlock Season 4 Episode 1, 2 and 3 720p HDTV x264 + HDTV x264

sherlock season 4

Sherlock waits to see where Moriarty will make his posthumous move. One mysterious case in particular baffles Scotland Yard, but Sherlock is more interested in a seemingly trivial detail. Why is someone destroying images of the late prime minister Margaret Thatcher? Is there a madman on the loose? Or is there a much darker purpose at work? Something with its roots deep in Mary Watson’s past…


Season 4, Episode 2 – “The Lying Detective”
Sherlock faces perhaps the most chilling enemy of his long career: the powerful and seemingly unassailable Culverton Smith – a man with a very dark secret indeed.

Season 4, Episode 3 – “The Final Problem”
In the final episode of this series, written by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, long-buried secrets finally catch up with the Baker Street duo. Someone has been playing a very long game indeed and, alone and defenceless, Sherlock and Dr Watson face their greatest ever challenge. Is the game finally over?

720P HDTV X264


written by maxdugan

11 Responses to this entry.

  1. 1. Raveesh Says:

    Dude , only 58 mins can be viewed dude ? Is it not full episode ?

  2. 2. maxdugan Says:

    Hello Raveesh, just checked it now and a repacked has been released, im posting it now, thank you very much

  3. 3. RoaringMouse Says:

    Hi Max. Sorry to disappoint, but the repack version (at least in x264) is still only 58 minutes long.

  4. 4. empee Says:

    Yes, the full episode should be about 1hr 24mins. This one is not complete.

  5. 5. maxdugan Says:

    Hello RoaringMouse and Empee, im sorry let me check them out again, thank you very much for calling my attention

  6. 6. sudeeprajbhavan Says:

    Dear Max still waiting, please upload the full version.

  7. 7. sudeeprajbhavan Says:

    Thanks Max for the full “proper” version.

  8. 8. Chaben Says:

    Thanks Max

  9. 9. maxdugan Says:

    Thank you too Chaben

  10. 10. dazzo Says:

    max can you please repost episodes 2 and 3?

  11. 11. dazzo Says:

    thanks max

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