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Oct 20

Eyewitness Season 1 Episode 1 to 10 HDTV


The series, which explores a grisly crime from the point of view of the eyewitnesses, is executive produced by Hasak, who brought the series to UCP and serves as showrunner. Jarl Emsell Larsen will also executive produce.

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Buffalo ’07”
The crime drama opens with teenagers Philip and Lukas meeting to share a kiss—and witnessing a murder, which they don’t report out of fear being outed. Complicating matters: Philip’s foster mom is the sheriff, who’s soon investigating the case.

Season 01, Episode 02 – “Bless the Beast and the Children”
Philip and Lukas find proof that the killer’s alive; Helen tries not to let the case affect her marriage; and a new head of the FBI task force is introduced.

Season 01, Episode 03 – “Bella, Bella, Bella”
Helen seeks help from Agent Kamilah Davis in tracking a potential witness; and the boys skip school and head to a club in New York City that’s not what Lukas expected.

Season 01, Episode 04 – “Crème Brulée”
Ryan tries to shut down Helen’s case; Helen and Gabe’s marriage is tested when Philip reveals a deep secret; and Lukas creates a scandal to bury gay rumors at school.

Season 01, Episode 05 – “The Lilies”
Ryan interferes with an autopsy to stop Helen from getting closer to the truth; Philip deals with a surprise visit from his mom; and Lukas struggles with anxiety about the murders.

Season 01, Episode 06 – “The Yellow Couch”
Helen is pulled away from her search for the murder weapon by Kamilah, who needs her help in finding a missing Sita; and Lukas nears his dream sponsorship, but securing it may require an act of betrayal.

Season 01, Episode 07 – “They Lied”
Lukas and Philip finally embrace their romance; and Helen seeks Kamilah’s help in protecting Lukas after she discovers evidence that the cabin shooter is alive and dangerous.

Season 01, Episode 08 – “The Larsons’ Dog”
Ryan tries to get close to Lukas by romancing Kamilah; Helen forges a connection with Ryan while tracking the killer; and Gabe uncovers a clue to about his wife’s past.

Season 01, Episode 09 – “Savior Unknown”
Ryan tries to cover his tracks; and Helen’s past threatens her marriage as well as her ability to protect her family.

Season 01, Episode 10 – “Mother’s Day”
Helen learns the identity of the killer; and races to find Philip and Lukas, who are missing.

written by maxdugan

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