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Mar 30

The Walking Dead Michonne Episode 1 and 2 – PC Game

the walking dead michonne

The Walking Dead: Michonne is an episodic interactive drama graphic adventure based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series by Telltale Games. Taking place between issues 126 and 139 of The Walking Dead comic series, the game shows events of what Michonne was up to during her temporary departure from the group of survivors led by Rick Grimes in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. Samira Wiley voiced Michonne in the game.

The first episode of three was released in February 2016.

The three episode miniseries follows Michonne’s journey after leaving Rick Grimes’ trusted group in issue 126, and what brought her back to the group in issue 139.[ It also serves as a tie-in between the existing The Walking Dead seasons developed by Telltale Games.

The story begins with Michonne on a boat with three other men, having flashbacks about abandoning her children. She considers suicide, but is stopped in the act by Pete, the boat’s leader. They receive a radio signal from an area known as Mobjack, and Michonne and Pete disembark to the area. Their search leads them to an abandoned boat. Upon entering, they find two people chained to the doors, shot in the head, to ensure they couldn’t turn to walkers. They scavenge around, but are ambushed by Samantha and Greg – two siblings also searching for supplies. Whilst fighting off walkers, the group is taken hostage by Randall, a man part of a larger group under the leadership of his sister, Norma.

Michonne and Samantha are left in the ship’s storage room, where Samantha apologizes for her behavior and tries to get Michonne to ambush Randall – a choice for the player. Randall brings Michonne up to Norma. Michonne is questioned by Norma, where the player can comply or refuse. Norma warns Michonne that Samantha is a liar, and that she shouldn’t be trusted. Greg is also brought up for questioning, though he lies to Norma, forcing Michonne to either save him or herself.

Randall forces Zachary, a younger member of the ship, to question Michonne, Greg and Samantha. Randall unintentionally shoots Greg, forcing Michonne to destroy his brain so he doesn’t turn. A distraught Samantha tries to get revenge by killing Zachary, something Michonne can agree or disagree to.

Episode 1 – “In Too Deep”
Michonne joins Pete and his crew aboard The Companion searching for survivors and supplies along the shore near the town of Monroe.

Episode 2 – “Give No Shelter”
Michonne and Pete must decide what action to take after Sam is severely injured during their escape from the hostile town of Monroe.

written by maxdugan

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